Thursday, January 12, 2012

Petr Pilat & Kirby Chambliss double stunt

Awesome stunt. Awesome trick photography. Petr Pilat, an aerobatic motorbike rider from the Czech Republic, has teamed up with Red Bull champion pilot Kirby Chambliss to create a unique double act. Timing their respective approaches to the split second, Chambliss flies his Zivko Edge 540 aircraft dangerously low between two jump ramps - while Pilat jumps his motocross bike over the top.

Petr Pilat & Kirby Chambliss double stunt

Fly-by: Petr Pilat of the Czech Republic flips over American Kirby Chambliss as he flies underneath. Photographer Mauricio Ramos created this composite image to show the small margin of error in the stunt.

Petr Pilat & Kirby Chambliss double stunt

Adding a touch of insanity to the already-dangerous stunt, Pilat backflips his bike while sailing high above Chambliss and the awe-struck spectators.

Describing the stunt can be difficult, as it is hard to know which man to give top billing (is it Pilat jumping over Chambliss, or Chambliss flying under Pilat?).
Suffice to say, both men know that a tiny error of judgement could mean instant death for them both.

The backflip fly-by was recently performed in front of a stunned audience at the Vive Puebla stunt biking tournament in Mexico.

Photo by Mauricio Ramos

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